Issue #3: Hulk Smash!


Four days. Four drawings. Our first sales. One big, fat grin on my face.

Second convention, complete. Wizard World Chicago was a learning experience at the very least. It has been years since I have had to draw four drawings in four days under the stress of a time limit, but despite bodily protest we went home with four finished murals. Bazinga.

The Penguin I were able to connect with friends from our first convention as well as introduce ourselves to new neighbors and customers. Folks from far and wide got a glimpse at the evolution of four new pictures, one of which was autographed by Lou Ferrigno, himself! HULK SMASH!

The cosplay was terrific. The guests were great. We even went home with the first sales in our record book. Another new first! Preparation for this convention included the making of prints. 6 pictures. 2 sizes. 100 copies each. 1200 prints. I wish I could say we sold out, but leftovers are still available!

Check out our digital fridge:

New prints of those four pictures created at Wizard World will be ready shortly and our entire store is based on a Pay What You Want (PWYW) system. You get to decide what the art is worth beginning at $3 (to cover shipping). The Penguin and I are even hoping to eventually eliminate that charge.

Now, we're off to plan out our convention schedule for 2017. Here's to a year of more learning, more experience, more firsts, and more fun.

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