Issue #2: Wizard World, here we come!

What an outpouring of generosity!

First of all, thank you to each and every person who donated, shared, liked, or promoted me in any fashion. You guys rock my Old Navy ankle socks.

Second of all, if you know me, you might know that I hate talking money. It's a necessary conversation, but an uncomfortably awkward bag to carry. If I could have it my way, all my art would be sold via a bartering system and random acts of kindness. (Why yes, I'll take a home-baked cookie for that print.)

However, a majority of the world functions on behalf of monetary exchange so I couldn't exactly smile and hug my way into Chicago's second largest comic and pop culture convention: Wizard World Chicago. Not only that, but, while researching booth sizes and capacities, I discovered that the smallest size booth that could accommodate my drawings would cost more than double the price of a typical Artist Alley booth. Whomp whomp.

Cue the most ridiculously supportive group of friends and family (and several strangers) I have ever known. After setting up a GoFundMe page, these folks managed to back my dream with an extra side of awesomesauce. They went above and beyond my expectations which not only warmed my heart, but also provided a swell of relief and restoration for humanity with most of the recent news headlines hanging like a gray haze.

The Penguin and I are now in prep mode! Full swing testing, photographing, printing, gathering, purchasing... you name it! August 18th will be here before we know it and I'm crawling with excitement. Four days of convention equals four drawings and the celebrity guests are stellar! I can't wait to reveal more of what we have planned and, eventually, the final outcome.

If you're not doing anything come mid-August and you're a movie/comic/pop culture fan, make your way to the Stephen's Convention Center in Rosemont, IL and immerse yourself in the heart of dozens of fandoms. August 18 - 21 will be the height of all things comic related in Rosemont so bring your comic books, your cosplays, your cameras, and that random LARP gear sitting at the back of your closet.

Again, if I could hug and bake each donor his or her own batch of secret recipe chocolate chip cookies, I totally would. If you're interested in purchasing a print from my collection, there will soon be a store link on my website to connect you to the right resources.

In the meantime, stay awesome and keep an eye out for The Chalk Girl.

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