Issue #1: First Con a Success!

They say you always remember your first.

Well, when it comes to conventions, I don't think even the most powerful memory manipulator could erase this experience from my mind. I was on cloud nine.

Several weeks before the actual event, I received an email from the wonderful folks over at Heroes & Villains telling me they had an unexpected cancellation and I could enter in last-minute for a booth. After a couple years of hesitant toe-testing messages back and forth with one event, I thought that maybe my proposal wasn't what the public wanted. However, an interested listener finally agreed to showcase a new, unique idea at a new, unique fan convention. For that, I am forever grateful.

The Penguin and I went into the weekend with one hundred questions and came out with two hundred more. It was one gigantic experiment from the moment we laid out my "asphalt" to the shrug we shared when a patron asked, "how are you going to get this home?" New guests continued to rattle our brains with puzzles we hadn't even considered. After all, this was the first time we presented our story in an appropriate setting to viewers who actually appreciated the craft because it tugged on their fangeek heartstrings.

Of all the wonderful moments we experienced, the first happened within a couple hours of setting up our spot. I was lucky enough to receive a corner booth which later proved very useful for everyone watching the evolution of my drawing. This left us with only one neighbor. 1MoreRound Entertainment. Combine the enthusiasm of Ralphie with his new Red Ryder BB gun and all the generosity of your neighborhood grandma and you'll find yourself in the presence of two creative geniuses who just want to see you succeed. Mario & RJ. They sang my praises that weekend so I'll be returning the favor with every chance I get - starting now: If you get the chance, Evolusion is a true #WorkofHeart. Check it out.

Throughout the weekend, I had to remind myself of where I really was. This is was such a different atmosphere than what we were used to and a couple times the wave of enthusiasm was so sweet, I could have left early and been completely satisfied. However, that would have been unfortunate because of what happened at the end of both days. Both Stephen Amell and Ciara Renée were gracious enough to take a photo with my work... and they even allowed me to be in the picture with them! (Huzzah!) I'm telling ya... cloud nine.

After that, just mix in a good pile of business cards and a couple handshakes and I was glowing. This was the spark of a new path I'd yet to see before and the gears began turning. The Penguin and I have been researching all sorts of conventions in this upcoming year and the prospects are exciting. Not only that, but I'll be launching an online store complete with various sized prints of the current hot characters throughout the year.

So here's to sidewalk chalk, dirty hands, and the brand new adventures coming our way.

#Convention #StephenAmell #CiaraRenée #Arrow #Flash #HeroesVillains #FanFest

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